19 Quiz: Aging & Memory

June 22, 2013 by  

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  • 1. Which is the biggest risk factor for stroke:
    • a.         rigid blood-brain barrier
    • b.         high blood pressure
    • c.         low blood pressure
    • d.         neural tangles
  •  2. A ballooning blood vessel is called:
    • a.       ischemic stroke
    • b.         aneurysm
    • c.         plague
    • d.         hodos
  •  3. A headache that starts suddenly and hurts most when you lie flat might indicate:
    • a.         gerotranscendence
    • b.         neural tangles
    • c.         brain plaque
    • d.         a stroke
  •  4. How many items can you store in Short-Term Memory:
    • a.         depends if they are chunked
    • b.         depends on the content
    • c.         typically 5 to 9
    • d.         all of the above
  •  5. Which is a symptom Alzheimer’s disease:
    • a.         absent-minded professor effect
    • b.         neural tangles
    • c.         cueing effect
    • d.         all of the above



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