Day 1 Notes: Saga of Dave

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The schizophrenias

Saga of Dave

What is development, and more precisely, what is Developmental Psychology? Read more

Day 2 Notes: Science of Change

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The science of measuring change

Science of Change

The challenge of Developmental Psychology is to apply the scientific method to people who are changing all the time. It makes the effort a unique science of change.  Read more

Day 3 Notes: Genetics

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Genetics: building blocks of life


Stuff goes here….random words about hallucinations and delusions, schizophrenia is chronic, severe and disabling condition. There is no clear cause and no known cure. Read more

Day 4 Notes: Prenatal

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prenatal exam


Prenatal development includes understanding the components (egg & sperm) and the processes (fertilization & implantation). It also raises the issue of when life begins. Read more

Day 5 Notes: Birth

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Labor & delivery


Delivery is good description of the birthing process. Think UPS, a long journey and fragile cargo. Read more

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