Day 6 Notes: Infants

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Nursing, bottles and attachment


Their heads are big, their brains are making thousands of connections per second, and their bodies are trying to catch up. They have 300 bones and 70 reflexes. Read more

Day 7 Notes: Toddlers

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  • Toilet training & toddlers


Toddlers are able to explore. With great mobility comes great independence. And the word “NO!” Read more

Day 8 Notes: Preschoolers

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Preschool sports & skills


Preschool was a time for play but it has recently turned into what kindergarten used to be. It raises some interesting questions of what the mind is and when it develops. Are preschoolers ready for school or should school be something different for them? Read more

Day 9 Notes: Grades 1-3

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Childhood illnesses

Grades 1-3

It’s time for the big time. It’s off to school. Sure, they’ve been to pre-school and kindergarten but this is for real. Somehow it feels different.  Read more

Day 10 Notes: Grades 4-6

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Teams, clubs & peers

Grades 4-6

The end of elementary school is a success-failure story. Sometimes you hit a home run, sometimes you sit on bench. Read more

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