Development Through The Lifespan

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Laura’s Berk’s lifespan textbook is titled Development Through The Lifespan. What you’ll like about the book is her personal style. Her stories about herself and her family make this a very readable book.

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The Saga Of Developmental Dave

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I thought it would be helpful to follow the fictional life of a typical hypothetical person. So I invented Dave.

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Developmental Psychology Textbooks

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There are several textbooks to choose from. All are surprisingly good. But some are more-gooder than others. Read more

Psychology Courses Online

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Studying psychology online can be great. Just be sure to find the right school for the right class. And be personally motivated enough to follow through on assignments. Online courses won’t work if you don’t. Read more

Developmental Psychology Quizzes

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Developmental psychology has a lot of information, I though some quizzes might help. Read more

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